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Hi Crew,

Spring is in full swing, and as foliage is budding and growing, so are pests. This is the perfect time to control a lot of insects and diseases for a variety of reasons. Aphids, scales, and mites are often in young stages and are more sensitive to horticultural oils. Later, scale will develop waxy coatings, and require stronger (more toxic) pesticides for control. Grab your magnifying glass and inspect your plants for pests. Look for discolorations, funguses, insects, or anything questionable. If you find something out of the ordinary, IDENTIFY IT FIRST! Please do not run out and buy a product, until you know what the target pest is. If you cannot identify it on your own, contact your local cooperative extension office. We have compiled a contact list for all 50 states on our Resources PageWe are willing to help too. 

Prevent fungal problems by not watering foliage, rather, apply the water directly to the soil. Drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and water cans make this easier. Do not crowd your plants. Air flow is important in the prevention of fungal diseases. If you do use a sprinkler, water early in the morning. This way, foliage has a chance to dry out early. While many resources recommend watering in the evening, to prevent evaporation, it will promote fungal growth. The best method is water early.

The reason that we recommend non-chemical methods, is to protect the precious resources that we in America are lucky to have. Organic gardening methods promote the good, while controlling the bad.

The movie below is about an hour and twenty minutes long. It is called Dirt, The Movie, and explains the importance of protecting our topsoil quite beautifully.


Get Grounded!
-The HH Team