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HorticulturalHorrors.com is a meeting place for gardeners/landscapers of all skill levels and ages. Come gather, share and discuss the wide array of subjects that make gardening such an interesting and challenging pursuit. The blog posts, forum and newsletters will consistently be encouraging and sometimes humorous. There is no belittling here. We want all to feel free to ask questions and seek knowledge without fear. If you have a horticultural horror story and are confident enough to laugh about about it, post it on the forum. Maybe you’ll receive some advice that will help. You will help others to avoid making the same mistake by sharing. Whether you are growing in containers on an urban balcony or designing a part of your country acreage, there is something here for you. Something that will help you grow. Perhaps you might also nurture the growth of the less seasoned members of the Horticultural Horrors crew.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our site. As professionals with many years in the field, we hope to promote proper practices, expose incorrect information, and help save you time and money making your gardening experience more enjoyable-Sincerely The HH Team

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